Jun 1, 2023 - Jun 30, 2024

Pop up - Umeå Kommun

Titta in framtidens Umeå

Curious about the Umeå of the future? Welcome to Umeå Municipality's exhibition.

Location: Upper level, next to Brothers

Here you can peek into the Umeå of the future and take part in 3D maps of Teg, Tomtebo strand and Norra ön. If you'd rather look back, you can botanize among a number of historical pictures from Umeå or read more about various important events from ancient times to the present day.
For the smallest visitors, there is a simple movement track where you can challenge yourself, a friend or the parents: Who can jump the longest? Or how many different ways can you jump in a paddock? The track is also a way to symbolize how Umeå Municipality plans with movement as a starting point when Norra Ön develops.

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