Feb 15 - Aug 31, 2023

Pop up - Pjux Uå

Pjux Uå is a local service that cleans and restores your shoes to protect sustainability and reuse.They clean, restore and even bleach discoloration, this is perfect for you who want to refresh your favorite shoes and give them a new life again! Their goal with this service is to contribute to a more sustainable environment in Umeå and encourage reuse.

Drop-in station in the Info & Lounge
Here you can hand in your worn-out sneakers, which Pjux picks up, washes and then returns to Info & Lounge for pick-up!

Follow their work on Instagram or Facebook @pjux_ua.


Avion Shopping

Marknadsgatan 3
904 22 Umeå
0770-350 355

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