Jan 24 - Feb 15, 2024

Wall of Kindness

Ta en jacka om du behöver – Ge en jacka du har över

Together with Umeå Stadsmission, we invite everyone who has a winter jacket to give it to someone in need through our Wall of Kindness. We want to give more people the opportunity to avoid freezing during the coldest months of the year.

Do you have a warm jacket that you no longer use?
Bring your jacket and visit our wall in entrance one and help a fellow human stay warm this winter. It should be just as obvious to take a jacket if you need it as to leave a jacket. It is also possible to hand in or pick up warm gloves and hats. Remember that everything you donate must be whole and clean. All excess clothing is donated to Umeå Stadsmission.

If you don't have a jacket to donate but still want to help, you can make a contribution to Umeå Stadsmission on their website or via Swish 123 900 66 28. Mark your gift with "WOK".

Wall of Kindness originated in Iran to make use of people's leftover jackets while helping the homeless who froze. Now the Wall of Kindness has grown and is visible in several places around the world, attracting people to donate jackets to those in better need.


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